About us

Hi, my name is Julie and I am the designer and maker behind MyWhy brand, running the show alongside my best friend and husband.
We are super thrilled and exited to open our second shop here on Etsy. We feel very fortunate and grateful to be able to work from our home studio and in the meanwhile be here for our 2 precious daughters. It is a dream come true for us!
My Whys is all about Inspirational and personalized jewelry you can wear as a reminder to become empowered in everything you love in life. My Whys jewelry will make you feel inspired, Motivated and filled with gratitude as you wear our jewelries or give them as a one of kind gift made especially as you requested.
We make Simple, clean, thoughtful designs with deep spiritual messages. I love integrating colorful gemstones, which I also believe have hidden powers in stored in them.
We thrive to always learn and improve our techniques and skills, seek new materials and inspiration. It helps us stay excited and motivated about our work.
Our mission is to create a positive energy source for you and for others, to connect. We are the brighter side of gift giving. It is our goal to make you feel powered and unique in your purchase experience.
Thank you for visiting...
Sending LOVE wherever it is needed 💌
Julie - My Whys

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