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How to Order – My-Whys

How to Order

How to Order

Signature and Handwriting instructions:

  •   Sign or write on a piece of paper (You can combine from many pieces).
  •  Take as clear as possible pictures (for best results – use natural light)
  •  After placing the order, upload the picture to attach via ‘contact us’ page or send the image to: .
  • We will be able to attach it to your order).

Text and Fonts instructions:

  • Choose your favorite design
  • Select the required option
  • Add to cart
  • Add all your requests in the ‘notes to seller’ section.
  • Proceed to checkout.

Fonts options:

Birthstones by month:

Zodiac Sign:

Capricorn ♥ Dec 22-Jan 20
Aquarius ♥ Jan 21-Feb 19
Pisces ♥ Feb 20-Mar 20
Aries ♥ Mar 21-Apr 19
Taurus ♥ Apr 20-May 20
Gemini ♥ May 21-June 21
Cancer ♥ Jun 22-Jul 23
Leo ♥ Jul 24-Aug 23
Virgo ♥ Aug 24-Sept 22
Libra ♥ Sept 23-Oct 22
Scorpio ♥ Oct 23-Nov 22
Sagittarius ♥ Nov 23-Dec 21